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Our company website uses Cookies to identify its visitors and users of our site. By using our website you can have previously set up your server in order to warn you about our use of Cookies and to accept their use in part or in full (for part or all of the services of our website) or to exclude their acceptance in any case. "Cookie" is a general term for a text file that is stored in a special space on the hard disk of the device (for example, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) by a multimedia user (internet, applications, etc.) when viewing content or online advertising. This cookie allows the publisher to identify the device on which it is stored, monitor the multimedia user activity, and retrieve information, such as user preferences or information that the user has previously entered into print media, for as long as Cookie valid or saved. Some cookies are necessary for the use of the medium, others optimize and customize the content displayed and others present ads.

Cookies do not directly identify a user but identify the browser or device. Information about the content displayed on a medium is directly linked to an ID in the Cookie. When the user browses the media, this ID is associated with page views and generally with browsing and media interactions (for example, number of clicks), so it is possible for the user to monitor the entire media browsing.

The use of Cookies allows the browsing data to be linked to the user's profile, regardless of the device used, thanks to the Cookie sharing technology applied by the partners who publish these Cookies, generally communication companies or digital advertising companies so that they can the user's browsing any device or medium is detected and used.

This site uses a program Google Analytics (GA) to measure its traffic. With this method we can understand the way in which users find and use our website, as well as the way they browse it. The GA method records data such as your geographical location, the program you use for your Internet browsing and your operating system, but this information can not be matched with your identity information to make you known to us as Google does not grant us access to this mapping. We believe that Google is a third party data processing entity that complies with the requirements of European law.

In case you choose to disable some or all of the Cookies used by our website, you can do so at any time, but this action may make it difficult for you to use our website or prevent your further access to our services.

Each order on our website will mean your unconditional acceptance of the General Terms of Use of the Website, Personal Data / Privacy and Use of Cookies. From the moment you confirm your order by selecting "Confirmation / Completion of Order" in the relevant icon, you are aware that you have fully understood and accepted the present General Terms of Use and all their sub-chapters.